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More sophisticated users, coupled with financial limitations, continue to put pressure on health care institutions to be more productive, while adding additional pressures for health care software providers to meet ever increasing user demands at the most detailed level of the organization.

Intellicost Enterprise,Inc was created with the concept of fulfilling needs, not currently addressed by single source health care software vendors. Major health care software vendors, currently focused on bringing broad based financial and clinical applications to market, are continuously challenged in their quest to properly address the detailed needs of the end user, at the departmental level.

An ever changing Federal/State regulatory landscape and HIPAA privacy concerns, coupled with continuous changes in technology have created an environment that has contributed to this neglect.

Intellicost serves over 400 nursing facilities in the United States. We provide innovative cost effective solutions, to the complexities of staff scheduling and labor management.

Intellicost Enterprise Staff Scheduler

Intellicost seeks to fill this void, by bringing strategic departmental applications to market. The first such product, offered to the marketplace by Intellicost, is the Intellicost Enterprise Staff Scheduler. A simple solution for an otherwise complex problem, that has long eluded the single source, one stop shop, health care software providers. Intellicost Enterprise is specifically designed to provide up to the minute analysis of budget vs. actual staffing, with proven dramatic reductions in overtime and agency usage.


Intellicost Scheduler Inc.

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